Environmental Hazards & Risk Assessment in Oil and Gas Industry

Some of the largest oil reserves in the globe are located beneath arctic and subarctic regions. These areas have unique geology, climate, hydrology, vegetation, and natural world. One significant and unique geologic feature of the arctic is the permafrost layer that underlies maximum of the terrain. Climatologically, the arctic is characterised with the aid of long bloodless winters and a quick summer time growing season. Bogs and different wetlands are not unusual hydrologic functions. Many rivers, strongly tormented by the once a year ice regime, have big floodplains; big regions are situation to periodic inundation. Vegetation varies from mosses in the arctic tundra to grasses and boreal forests in the subarctic areas; natural world, which includes birds, mammals, and fish, is generally migratory. All of these unique environmental functions are situation to disruption by human activity, inclusive of oil and gas development.

Oil and gas development usually actions thru several phases, from exploration, to development, exploitation, and decommissioning. The direct and indirect results of oil and gas improvement on the surroundings rely on the development degree. The initial prospecting with remote sensors has not a harmful impact on the environment. Exploratory drilling, to verify the oil deposit and determine manufacturing engineering info, can begin to contaminate the surroundings on to begin with small scale thru oil spills, avenue construction, produced water, and other wastes. Methods of management and environmental safety for the duration of high-latitude oil exploration and manufacturing had been stepped forward in current years. These new techniques include better personnel education, more environmentally friendly operational techniques, and advanced environmental attention at the part of top control and operational body of workers. The procedural framework for environmental management includes environment profiles, environmental impact assessments, monitoring, and auditing.


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