Advanced Drilling Techniques and Safety

The drilling platform affords a base for workers to couple and uncouple the sections of drilling pipe which can be used to increase the depth of drilling. As the hole deepens, extra lengths of pipe are brought and the drilling string is suspended from the derrick. When a drilling bit desires to be changed, the entire drilling string of pipe is pulled out of the hole, and every phase is detached and stacked vertically in the derrick. After the brand new bit is equipped in location, the system is reversed, and the pipe is returned to the hollow to keep drilling.

Care is needed to assure that the drilling string pipe does no longer split aside and drop into the hollow, as it may be tough and costly to fish out and can even result in the loss of the properly. Another ability hassle is that if drilling tools stick in the hollow while drilling stops. For this reason, as soon as drilling begins, it usually maintains till the properly is finished.


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